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ISC-Audubon Gold Membership

Gold MembershipISC-Audubon is a non-profit coalition of sustainability advocacy organizations and initiatives that include The International Sustainability Council (ISC), Audubon Lifestyles, Audubon Outdoors, Planit Green, Broadcast Audubon, and the ISC-Audubon Network for Sustainability.

Through membership, support and involvement, ISC-Audubon is able to continue expanding our efforts to promote sustainability.  We would not be able to continue to grow without membership support and involvement from the extraordinary group of individuals, businesses, non-profit organizations, universities and municipalities who have decided that it was imperative to promote and support the tenets of sustainability. Our ability to reach our organization’s mission and vision depends upon your participation.

Please join with us today and make a positive contribution toward being socially, environmentally and economically responsible where you live, work and recreate.


Only $100 Annually - Gold Members enjoy the same benefits as an Individual Membership, but also receive the opportunity to be listed on the ISC-Audubon Network for Sustainability. The ISC-Audubon Network for Sustainability is a global network of Audubon Societies, sanctuaries, businesses, communities and others.

Additionally, Gold Members receive the ISC-Audubon Gold Member Logo for use in their own marketing materials to show their support at the Gold level. The program is open to Individuals, Businesses, Communities, Municipalities, Neighborhoods, Schools, Non-profit Organizations, Universities and anyone who is committed to promoting sustainability where they liv, work or recreate..

Gold Membership Benefits

  • Ability to use the ISC-Audubon Gold Member Logo
  • A full profile directory listing on the ISC-Audubon Network for Sustainability as a Gold Member with business logo, reciprocated weblink, complete contact information including map and address information, and detailed business description.
  • New Member's Packet includes: ISC-Audubon vehicle and front door stickers, computer mouse pad, co-written thank you letter from The International Sustainability Council and Audubon Lifestyles, and a Gold Level Membership Certificate for framing and display.
  • Co-authored Press Release Announcing Gold Membership distributed worldwide
  • Subscription to Planit Green
  • The knowledge that you are contributing to helping ISC-Audubon to continue our mission of fostering sustainable living and lifestyles at home, work, and play. 


Gold Members with Multiple Locations
For businesses, universities, and others who have multiple locations we offer a membership discount to members who have multiple operating locations. The process is easy. The company would simply need to join once at the regular Platinum Member level ($250 registration/$100 annually) OR the Gold Member Level ($100 annually) at the corporate level using either the Gold Member "Join Now" button above, or the "Join Now" button on the Platinum Membership Page. Once the company is registered at the corporate level then each franchise, branch and/or alternate location is then eligible to join for the annual cost of $75 at each specific location that chooses to enroll. This is a huge financial savings for businesses and organizations that have many locations desiring to enroll as Gold Members of ISC-Audubon.

Upon registering as a Gold Member Location, that location will receive all of the benefits of Gold Membership listed above. The Gold Member Location will receive an individualized Gold Member Location Packet, and will get a separate listing on the ISC-Audubon Network for Sustainability specific to that location.

greenexIf your parent company has already joined as a Gold or Platinum Member and you are looking to register as a Gold Member Location Click Here to register your specific location.

If you have any questions regarding your eligibility to become a Gold Member Location please contact us at: (727) 733-0762 or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

To download a fax/mail Membership Form Click here


$25 Annually $100 Annually $250 Reg / $100 Annually


Sponsors are a critically important part to the success of ISC-Audubon. As a non-profit organization dedicated to advocating sustainability, we offer all of our programs to our members free of charge, and are publicly available for download on our website.

ISC-Audubon is proud to extend the opportunity to select businesses and organizations to become sponsors of our sustainability education and advocacy programs. As a sponsor, your business or organization can realize significant value.

Click here to learn more about this opportunity. 


A Coalition for Good - Spreading the Seeds of Sustainability

ISC-Audubon is a coalition of non-profit organizations and initiatives that include The International Sustainability Council (ISC), Audubon Lifestyles, Audubon Outdoors, Planit Green, Broadcast Audubon, and the Audubon Network for Sustainability. 

Funds generated through memberships and donations are used to provide fruit & vegetable seeds, wildflower seed mix, and wildlife feed & birdseed to urban and suburban communities around the world. These seeds are used by communities to establish fruit and vegetable gardens, bird and wildlife sanctuaries, and for the beautification of urban and suburban landscapes by creating flower and native plant gardens.

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